Fuzzipede is a character and boss in that appears in Paper Mario.


Fuzzipede is a strange, Fuzzy-like creature that is blue in color. He also has large, yellow lips, pink cheeks, and white dots for eyes.


He can be seen at the harbor of Toad Town usually with Fishmael. However, before the events of Chapter 5, Fishmael abandoned Fuzzipede due to him being able to catch fish much faster without him and Fuzzipede ends up getting eaten by the Tuna. Fuzzipede then hops around in the belly upsetting the Tuna who has Mario go inside. Mario lights up the room with Watt and Fuzzipede complains about the light. They then get into a battle which Mario and Watt win. After Fuzzipede has calmed down, the Tuna blows the group out of his belly and Fuzzipede yells at the Tuna for eating him. Fuzzipede then leaves and can be seen on top of a stack of crates for the duration of the game.


The Fuzzipede is a powerful foe, but isn't all that strong. It can be difficult to battle him, as he usually is on the ceiling of the room. But, since it is also dark inside of the whale's belly where this battle takes place, Mario must use Watt. Watt also has an attack that can easily damage enemies who are on the ceiling so this battle isn't all that difficult. Mario cannot actually have Goombario use Tattle on the creature since it is dark. This makes it impossible to use Tattle on him during this fight. While in the overworld, anytime later, Mario can use Goombario to use his overworld version of Tattle.

Battle Statistics

Fuzzipede's Stats (Paper Mario)
Max HP 20
Attack 3
Defense 0
Attacks Bonks on Mario.
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