Fury Bowser (フューリークッパ?) is the main antagonist for the sub game Bowser's Fury in the Nintendo Switch version of Super Mario 3D World.


In this form, Bowser becomes a gargantuan kaiju, being one of the largest physical forms that he has ever taken (along with Giant Bowser). Similar to Black Bowser from Paper Mario: Color Splash, Bowser's skin becomes entirely a black color with glowing yellow eyes without pupils, though in contrast, his hair glows a bright red and the tips of his shell spikes glow yellow and red. In comparison to his normal self, his body is much larger than his head, his tail is somewhat longer, and he also has noticeably larger pectoral muscles, a trait shared by his Super Smash Bros. appearances.

Fury Bowser has amplified versions of his fire breath attacks. He can rain meteors across entire islands and breathe long beams of fire at his targets. Compared to Bowser's normal roar, which is menacing but still cartoony-sounding, and even Dry Bowser's roar, which is less cartoony but still ferocious, Fury Bowser's roar is much more intimidating, sounding deeper and almost demonic, and has a reverberating echo effect to it.

After you collect all 100 cat shines, Bowser becomes much harder to defeat. In his Fury form, his hair changes from a flaming red into a pure white color. Same goes for his chest and spikes on his shell.


In Bowser's Fury, similar to Black Bowser from Paper Mario: Color Splash, Bowser becomes corrupted by black paint, which causes him to becomes a gargantuan kaiju. It was later revealed the form was caused by Bowser Jr. painting on his dad as a prank while he was napping, which massively backfired due to Bowser being corrupted by the black paint Jr. used.

He is seen terrorizing Lake Lapcat, and Mario, with assistance from Bowser Jr., works to take down Fury Bowser by using the power of the Giga Bell.


Typically, Fury Bowser awakens and goes on a rampage at intervals of roughly six minutes, but using the Bowser Amiibo in the game can cause him to appear at the player's command. After a while, or if the player collects a Cat Shine, Fury Bowser will stop attacking and go back into his slumber.

After obtaining the Giga Bell and becoming Giga Cat Mario, a fight will occur. Bowser will do a few attacks: he will either use his fire breath, jump up and try to ground pound Mario, causing a fire shockwave to come out upon landing, or dig into the ground and cause spikes to rain out. Mario can damage Bowser by claw swiping him or ground pounding when Bowser is vulnerable, which is when he is on his back in his shell. A health bar in red will be above Bowser, showing his health. This will deplete when he is hit or when he is stunned by a cat shine Mario collects when not giant. It takes a total of six Giga ground pounds to deplete his health bar on the first stage. After enough damage, Bowser will be heavily knocked back and fall to the ground, seemingly unconscious. Two different cutscenes will play after the fight commences depending on the health: if there is health left when the cutscene plays, Bowser will get back up, roar, and then leave. If his health reaches zero, he will glow brighter and brighter until a massive explosion occurs. Bowser, in his shell, would fly up from the blast and hit the water, before sinking back down.

As the game progresses, Fury Bowser's behavior, and the color of the sky, changes. On the first island, the sky will be black, and Bowser will only stay for a few minutes, or until a shine is collected. During the second island, the sky will be a slight red, and Bowser will stay much longer, usually needing a shine or lighthouse to have him retreat quickly. On the third one, the sky is colored a much deeper red, and Bowser will stay longer. It is on the third stage where neither the shine nor the lighthouses will repel him, meaning the only way to get rid of him is to get enough shines to activate the Giga Bell, then proceed to fight him.

Bowser will start to roll in phase two, usually on his side towards Mario. On phase three, he will now shoot spikes and fire a ring of fireballs, and ground pound multiple times. The spikes he shoots can be picked up and thrown at him to stun him.


  • This monster is similar to the Calamity Ganon from Breath of the Wild in the Zelda series, since they are a more destructive variation for their series' respective main antagonists. The Fury Bowser is to his host's normal self as the Calamity Ganon is to Ganondorf Dragmire.
  • Fury Bowser bears a resemblance to Bowser's appearance when using his Mega Strike in Mario Strikers Charged.


Name Length Music Track
"Bowser's Fury Theme ~ Phase 1 (Easy Ver.)" 3:38
"Bowser's Fury Theme ~ Phase 2 (Medium Ver.)" 3:38
"Bowser's Fury Theme ~ Phase 2 (Hard Ver.)" 3:46
"Fury Bowser's Showdown (Easy/Medium Ver.)" 3:08