Funky's Store, also called Funky's Armory, is a building that appears in Donkey Kong 64. This is where Funky Kong is always found in and can sell weaponry to the Kongs. It can be found in every area in the game except for DK Isles and Hideout Helm.


Funky's Store is made out of wood that has two windows and a hole without a door. Funky's Store also has a large banana peel on top.


Jungle Japes

Funky's Store can be found in the main area of Jungle Japes. It can be accessed by swimming in the water and climbing up a vine to get to it. Heading to Funky's Armory here is where Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong can obtain their weapons. A Golden Banana is locked inside of a cage right beside the Armory.

Angry Aztec

Funky's Store can be found near Bananaport 4 in the second area of Angry Aztec. There is a Klaptrap lurking around so enter with caution. This is where Tiny Kong and Lanky Kong can obtain their weapons.

Frantic Factory

Funky's Store can be found in the Testing Room of Frantic Factory. Using Bananaport 5 leads right to the Donkey Kong arcade machine. A Banana Fairy will also appear near Funky's Store after Tiny Kong has gotten her Golden Banana from the arcade room. This is where Chunky Kong can obtain his weapon. 

Gloomy Galloon

Funky's Store is located on the west side near the music pad coral. Taking Bananaport 3 can take a Kong quickly to it. Funky will upgrade the Kongs with the first ammunition belt, which allows 100 ammo to be carried. 

Fungi Forest

Funky's Store is located by going down the green tunnel from the entrance to the garden area where the apple is located and Tiny Kong gets her Golden Banana from planting a seed in the soil. Funky will upgrade the Kongs with homing ammunition, which will chase down an enemy when being fired and makes it easier to shoot airborne enemies such as Zingers.

Crystal Caves

Funky's Store is located near the giant ice castle where Lanky Kong gets two golden bananas and can be found near the waterfall that leads into the area where Candy Kong's shop is. Funky will upgrade the Kongs with a second ammunition belt, which allows 200 ammo to be carried.

Creepy Castle

Funky's Store is located in the area where the crypt and mausoleum are. Funky will upgrade the Kongs with the sniper scope, allowing them to zoom in on faraway switches and targets while in first-person mode.