Fungi Forest is the fifth world of the game Donkey Kong 64. It can be accessed from a floating hut near DK Isles and the most used Kong here is Chunky Kong. The boss in this world is a rematch with Dogadon.


  • Cuckoo Clock Area: Definitely the most notable area of Fungi Forest. The level is started here and there is a large cuckoo clock in the center. This is where the Kongs can change the setting from day to night and vice versa. This can be done by shooting at either the sun or moon symbols. Some Golden Bananas can be obtained at nighttime while others involve using both times to get one.
  • Giant Mushroom Area: This is the area with the giant mushroom in the center. This is another notable feature of Fungi Forest as the Kongs must scale their way to the top. Cranky's Lab is also located in this area where he will give the potion for the Super Simian Slam to the Kongs.
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  • Fungi Forest was originally intended to be in the game Banjo-Kazooie but was scrapped due to time restraints. Its original name was Fungus Forest.
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