Frozen Frenzy is a 4-player minigame that appears in Mario Party 5.


The characters will be in a giant ice cave that contains five different colored crystals. The crystals are scattered around the cave, and require different methods of acquiring them. A few of the crystals require the player to jump on moving platforms in order to retrieve them in higher places. Once a character collects a crystal, one point will be added to their counter at the top of the screen. However, an opponent can attack a character that is carrying a crystal, causing them to lose the crystal, and losing one point at the same time. The characters can perform a wide variety attacks included jumps, punches, and the ground pound. As the mini-game progresses, various icicles will fall from the top of the cave, and create a spiked trap on the battlefield. If a character touches one of these icicles, then they will lose one crystal. The character that is carrying the most crystals at the end of forty five seconds wins the mini-game.


Controls 1

Controls 2

  • A Button B Button - Kick