Front Door is the final level in Valley of Bowser in Super Mario World. On the other side, the Back Door is also the final level and they are both inside Bowser's Castle.


First Section

The first part of the level has four doors numbered 1 through 4. Mario/Luigi can chose which on they wants to go in.

Door 1

It is an auto scrolling level with wooden smashers similar to Iggy's Castle.

Door 2

A climbing fence with climbing koopas with spikes below.

Door 3

A maze with Mechakoopas.

Door 4

This room has Hotheads and Li'l Sparkys.

Second Section

This next has four more doors. Mario/Luigi can pick which one they to go in.

Door 5

It has spiked pillars and Thwomps and the player must run at the right time.

Door 6

This is underwater with Fish Bones, Ball 'n' Chains and Dry Bones along with spikes.

Door 7

Contains Bowser Statues. Some Gold and some sliver.

Door 8

This room has Chargin' Chucks.

Back Room

After going through one of the four rooms the player is in the Back Door. The only difference is that there is no midway point.


The player must fight Bowser which takes 6 hits to defeat him. Sometimes Princess Toadstool pops out of the Koopa Clown screaming for help and throws an item. After defeating Bowser, the player saved Princess Toadstool and bring peace to Dinosaur Land.