Frogogs are large frog enemies that appear in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They only appear in Bandit's Way and only appear in battle alongside Spikeys and Goombas. Frogogs are considered the strongest enemies on Bandit's Way.


In battle, Frogogs are not capable of using any special attacks but they make up for it for their very high physical attack. They also very high HP which may require more hits to defeat.


As hinted by their Psychopath thought, Frogogs cannot come into contact with sunlight meaning fire is it's weakness. If Mario has learned it, he should use Fire Orb on them. Frogogs are also weak to thunder so Mallow's Thunderbolt is effective as well.


  • Frogogs are similar to the Kremlings of the Donkey Kong series.

Name Origin

Frogog is simply frog with the second half repeated, possibly representing its unconventional appearance.

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