Frogfucius (カエル仙人?) is a character that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is the adoptive grandfather of Mallow.


Frogfucius is an elderly frog with a large, white beard. He also wears a strange, purple hat.


Frogfucius plays a rather important role in the game. Prior to the events of the game, Frogfucius discovers a young Mallow floating across the river of Tadpole Pond. Not wanting to let the baby go, Frogfucius takes in the young Mallow and raises him as his own grandson.

During the current events of the game, Frogfucius gave Mallow a Frog Coin in order to purchase his favorite treat: Cricket Pie. However, Mallow ran into issues as the Frog Coin was soon stolen by the thief Croco. Thanks to Mario, Mallow was able to get back the Frog Coin and purchase the Cricket Pie for Frogfucius. After making their way through Kero Sewers and down Midas River, Mario and Mallow make it back to Tadpole Pond to speak with Frogfucius. However, Frogfucius then decided to tell Mallow the truth about his hertiage and that he isn't really a frog and he found him floating down Midas River one day in a basket. This revelation upsets both Frogfucius and Mallow and Frogfucius urges Mario to help Mallow find his real parents. Frogfucius will remain in a depressive state until Mario gives him the Cricket Pie which cheers him back up.