The Frog Suit is a power-up from Super Mario Bros. 3, first appearing in Desert Land. When using this power-up, Mario dons a green frog suit, complete with eyes bulging out of the top of his head. This power up allows Mario to further control and speed up his swimming, however, his speed on ground is decreased, although the height Mario achieves by jumping has been increased noticeably. Similarly, the Penguin Suit and Blue Shell give Mario better swimming control, while the Spring Mushroom allows Mario to jump higher.

Frog Suits return in Paper Mario: Sticker Star as Stickers, and return again in Paper Mario: Color Splash as Cards. With it, Mario can dodge enemies' attacks and
boost the power of his other stickers/cards as well. There is also a Shiny Frog Suit in Sticker Star. These only have an increased effect of the ability. Unlike most other stickers in Sticker Star, this one only has two variations: normal and shiny.
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