Frightmare is the final mini-game in the Story Mode of Mario Party 5. It pits the player against Bowser and his traps.

To complete the level, the player must first defeat a group of mini-Koopa-robots. The player has to jump on them while they aren't breathing fire, or else the character will be hurt. The next section involves avoiding three rings of fire for thirty seconds. The third section involves Bowser fighting against the player. The player has to get Bowser to jump on the same panel three times. The last section involves the player fighting a giant Bowser, who has fallen halfway through the floor. Bowser throws fireballs at the player, breathes fire, and sends out a shockwave. To defeat Bowser, the player has to wait for Bowser to use his fire breath on the cooled down fireballs and then throw the fireballs back at Bowser.

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