Frankie is a character that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is a Pianta and was once the second in command of the Pianta Syndicate, and when Don Pianta retired, Frankie, along with Francesca, Don's daughter, became new leaders of the Syndicate.


Frankie was eloping with Francesca and they left to sail away because Don Pianta disapproved of their relationship. When Mario was trying to get a Blimp Ticket, Don Pianta agreed to give him one on the condition that he would find where Frankie and Francesca were. Mario found them at the docks, preparing to leave, and he goes back and to talk to Don Pianta. In the middle of the conversation, Frankie and Francesca burst in. Don Pianta tells them to get out of his sight, giving them what they wanted, permission to leave, while still acting like a crime boss should. They left on the ship, but their ship sailed to close to Keelhaul Key, and they were shipwrecked. Mario ends up rescuing them, and they go to live in the shantytown on the island. Later they lose their wedding ring in the Jungle and Mario has to find it for them. They finally go see Don and find that he has been laying in bed and has been really sick with loneliness. Once he sees them he feels much better and there is a conversation which ends in Don retiring and Frankie and Francesca taking over the Syndicate.

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