Francesca Pianta is a Pianta who lives in Rogueport during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, who falls in love with Frankie, who is also a Pianta. She is also the daughter of Don Pianta, the former main boss of the west side of Rogueport.


Francesca is first seen along Frankie at the docks prior to Chapter 3. Mario was asked by Don Pianta to locate Francesca and Frankie and bring them to him. Francesca, however, is afraid to go see her father and begs Mario not to tell him where she and Frankie are. Mario agrees leaving the happy couple not to worry. Eventually, Francesca, along with Frankie, went to see Don Pianta anyway and begs for his forgiveness. Don Pianta reluctantly accepts their apology and gives Mario the Blimp Tickets to get up to Glitzville.

Francesca is seen again during Chapter 5 where it was revealed that she and Frankie have took a vacation to Keelhaul Key but got stranded on an remote boat. After Mario, Cortez, and the rest of the group defeat Lord Crump and send his army packing, Francesca decides to stay on Keelhaul Key and enjoy the rest of her time with Frankie.

However, as Mario now needs Train Tickets to board the Excess Express, Don Pianta is horribly ill and desperately wants to see his daughter again. Mario heads back to Keelhaul Key where he tells the news to Francesca which upsets her greatly. However, she doesn't want to leave yet as Frankie had lost her Engagement Ring back near Skull Rock. Francesca then, literally, makes Frankie say "I Love You" 100 times while Mario goes and retrieves the Engagement Ring for them. Excited, the two lovers board Cortez's boat and head back to Rogueport. Back in Don Pianta's office, Francesca rushes to her dad's side where he quickly gets up and feels better. Now in a much better mood, Don Pianta makes Frankie the new boss greatly pleasing Francesca. Afterwards, he even greatly gives Mario the Train Tickets and leaves.

Francesca can now be found in Frankie's office for the rest of the game.