― Fracktail, Yold Desert

Fracktail is a Super Paper Mario beast, the second boss in the storyline. Most of the dialogue it distributes is for the computer geniuses in the world.


Fracktail is a large, red serpentine dragon that resembles the Gobblegut and Chinese dragons. He has a large antenna on his head.


Fracktail is the security guard of the Pure Heart. Dimento suddenly appears and forces Fractail to reboot. In order for Mario to continue, he must defeat the "ally". The yellow antenna atop on Fracktail's head is his weak point, but to reach it, you'll have to hitch a ride on his back. The only way to catch a lift is to hop aboard from the 3rd dimension as Fracktail swoops across the ground horizontally. Tippi will usually you a heads up just before he performs this attack, but you'll know he's about to attack if he swoops above you left-to-right first. Once on board, work your way up to his head, then grab a Frackle with Thoreau and toss it at the antenna. After three attacks, Fracktail will perform a mid-air loop - jump as soon as you reach his tail to land on his swooping head and repeat the attack. If you fall to the ground below, worry not. Just climb aboard again during his horizontal swooping attack. After 9 hits, Fracktail will go down for the count. Later in the game in the Pit of 100 Trials is Wracktail, a similar yet more powerful foe.


  • Fracktail dialogue, "I AM ERROR" is the same as Error's line from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.
  • When Fracktail scans Mario, his eyes and the scanning sound he makes resemble the loading icon and sound from the Wii Shopping Channel.
  • He is the largest character in the Mario series along with Wracktail.
  • Fracktail may be to Hooktail and Gloomtail as Wracktail is to Bonetail.