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Some minor things that I've noticed in my few years at this wiki is that there is no consistency with the articles. The infoboxes, while nice, have really dark colors when they should be more pastel shades. 520 images on this site are from Super Mario Wiki. The main page has a few broken parts. And basically what I'm saying is revisiting Forum:Stuff with the list that was up there:

  • Spotlight
    • 1/5 of the 3,198 articles would be 639.6 pages, there are 716 stub pages.
  • You
    • Not seeing as much of is but it still needs attention.
  • Glitz Pit
    • Taken clear of now
  • Reviews
    • Need formatting.
  • Polls
    • It's broken, they extend off the main page
  • Main page
    • Some css to kill the header
    • Needs a major revamp
  • Oasis
    • Working on the skin
  • Monobook
    • Working on the skin
  • Classes
    • Can I add in some classes to get more features onto pages?

That's the list that mainly needs work. In the classes section, I was thinking of having a main page class which would give the main page a new, sleeker look when the new skins are rolled in. Although it might be a good idea to remove the images depending on how it appears when the classes and the skins are set up. – EnemyPeacemaker 17:52, January 4, 2013 (UTC)

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