Fort Fire Bros. is a level that is in World Castle in Super Mario 3D World.


This level starts on a platform with a Goomba Tower surrounded by blue lava and Fire Bros. throwing their fireballs in some nearby Clear Pipes. Beyond another Clear Pipe network infested with Fire Bros., the player reaches some platforms with Fire Bars on them, where upon defeating a Fire Bro on top of a Goomba Tower, the player gains access to the nearby Warp Box and thus the Checkpoint Flag. After passing an area infested with Thwomps, a Fire Bro and some Blocksteppers, the player reaches a Clear Pipe which leads them to an area with a Fire Bro who needs to be defeated in order to reach the Goal Pole.

Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: In a clear pipe in an H shape that is between the first 2 fire bros.
  • Green Star 2: At the Checkpoint, there are invisible blocks on the wall in the place there would be another window on the thwomp's side. Complete the ball rolling minigame for the star.
  • Green Star 3: A green coin ring near the Blocksteppers.


Fort Fire Bros. Stamp.png

On the second dual fire bar between the second fire bro and the goomba stack with the fire bro. Ground pound the block it is on for the Fire Mario stamp.