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Forever Forest is a location east of Toad Town in the game Paper Mario that eventually leads to Boo's Mansion.


Forever Forest is a rather mysterious forest of different paths that can lead back to the entrance and can only be gone through completely by taking the paths of out-of-the-ordinary plants, trees, luminescent mushrooms, and rocks. In this sub-level, tree branches act as doors, and enemies are either Piranha Plants, Bzzap!s (granted you hit the tree with the beehive on it using Mario's hammer), or Forest Fuzzies. Along with the enemies, Oaklie and a green Bub-ulb are the only living inhabitants of the forest, Oaklie being the one discouraging entry to the area at all. A Heart Point Plus badge and a Flower Point Plus badge can also be found by taking different paths.



Image Name Notes
Oaklie.png Oaklie Doesn't allow further access into Forever Forest until Chapter 3.
Bub-ulb (Paper Mario).png Bub-ulb Found in the third area. Gives away a Magical Seed when spoken to.


Image Name Notes
ForestFuzzy.gif Forest Fuzzy None.
Piranhaplant.gif Piranha Plant None.
Bzzap!.png Bzzap! Can only be encountered by hammering a certain tree.


Image Name Notes
Magicalseedteal.png Magical Seed Can be acquired from the Bub-ulb in the second area.
HP Plus (Paper Mario).png HP Plus badge Found in the fourth area in the center.
Fpplus.gif FP Plus badge Found in the very last area.


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