The Forest Maze from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a good example of a forest-themed stage.

Stages, levels, or locations with a forest theme are areas usually take place in the forest. Jungles and rainforests also apply to forest-themed stages.

Other Traits and Features

One of the main traits of forest-themed stages as the gimmick usually involves moving through and onto trees. Some stages also involve climbing up vines and others. Due to the nature of forest themed stages, hidden areas tend to be concealed under leaves and such.

As for the enemies, forest-themed stages tend to have a variety of enemies. In the Paper Mario games, the most common enemies of forest-themed stages are Fuzzies and Piranha Plants. There also tend to be certain variety of plant-based enemies that tend to lurk within forests.

One of the main hazards of forested-themeed stages include traps that tend to be concealed within leaves. These can be avoided by trying to spot them before they reveal themselves. Another notable hazard that has been reoccurring since New Super Mario Bros. is that forest levels tend to contain poison goop that leads to instant death when it is touched. This has been seen in World 4 of New Super Mario Bros. and tends to reoccur in more recent Mario games. This includes most levels of World 3 from Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Somnom Woods from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Forest-themed stages tend not to associate with any other stages at the same time due to their isolated nature. However, forest-themed stages do tend to commonly associate with haunted-themed stages as of late.


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