The Forest Maze is one of the many areas from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Forest Maze is located after Rose Town. The forest was first mentioned after Gaz told Mario and Mallow that Geno left to the forest. It is also known for its popular theme.


After hearing from Gaz that Geno left for the forest, Mario and Mallow set off toward the Forest Maze, they notice the source of the raining arrows coming from there. Mario and Mallow traversed deeper into the forest and collides with Geno who quickly runs off. Eventually, Geno managed to find the source of the arrows coming from one of the members of the Smithy Gang, Bowyer. Geno demands Bowyer to stop shooting arrows and hand over the Star Piece.

However, the villain refused and prepares to fight Geno, but Mario and Mallow come to Geno's aid. After a long battle, they defeated Bowyer and claimed the second Star Piece. Geno thanked Mario and Mallow for helping him out and speaks of his backstory that he was sent to Earth to help rebuild Star Way. After the story, Mario and Mallow agreed to aid Geno and the trio head out of the Forest Maze to search for the next Star Piece (not realizing an Aero heard the entire story).


The Forest Maze has a popular theme, Beware of the Mushroom. It was originally planned to be in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, speculated to appear either on Distant Planet or Delfino Plaza and appear alongside Geno, but all of those options were omitted, likely due to a copyright issue with Square Enix, the developer of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (known as Squaresoft at the time).


  • The name "Forest Maze" may come from the four-way maze, in which the player must follow Geno.
  • If you choose not to follow Geno, but go to the way a Toad told the player, the player will end up in a room containing lots of Treasure Chests.


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