Flying Squirrel Mario

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Flying Squirrel Mario is a new transformation introduced in New Super Mario Bros. U. This transformation can be obtained by getting the Super Acorn and can be used by any character.

General Description

While Mario is in his Flying Squirrel form, he gets puffy overalls, a cap with squirrel ears and a pair of gray membranes that extends from his arms. In this form, he can glide by holding the jump button, he can also use the Flying Squirrel Jump to propel himself upwards before descending; unlike Cape Mario, he can only do so once before landing. There is also a rare variant called P Flying Squirrel Mario by collecting the P-Acorn, allowing him to glide forwards indefinitely and performs multiple Flying Squirrel Jumps while midair.

This form is based on the flying squirrels, real life marsupials capable of gliding from tree to tree.

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