Flying Question Blocks, (also known as Flying ? Blocks or Flying Prize Blocks), are Question Blocks with wings. They are one of the many blocks in the Mario series. The blocks fly around from left to right or up and down. They also appear in different colors. Some colors include red and yellow.


Super Mario series

Super Mario World

Mario nearing a Flying Block.

Flying Prize Blocks debut in Super Mario World. They appear in a few levels. They may fly back and forth or fly left constantly. They may give Mario a Fire Flower, coin, or 1-Up Mushroom upon being struck. It is also possible for a Flying Prize Block to give Mario a Cape Feather, a behavior that goes unused; a feather spawned from this block moves to the left after popping out, instead of to the right like with other blocks containing Feathers.

New Super Mario Bros.

A Flying Block from New Super Mario Bros.

Flying ? Blocks reappear in New Super Mario Bros. This time, red ones called Red Flying Question Blocks fly around the map to a level. If Mario selects any levels they are on, he can obtain a Fire Flower, 1-Up Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, Mega Mushroom (only in certain levels), or a Blue Shell from the blocks. The yellow Flying ? Blocks also appear throughout levels, too such as World 5-1, World 6-2, World 7-1, and a few others.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The Mario Crew near a Flying Block.

In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Flying ? Blocks make another appearance. This time, they function the same way as in New Super Mario Bros. however their flying patters are different. They are seen in a few levels such as World 6-5 and commonly only give out Coins upon being stuck however on and off chance they can also provide 1-Up Mushrooms too.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

A Flying Block.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Flying ? Blocks make chirping noises similar to a real-world bird, and neither they nor their immobile counterparts can be Ground Pounded. Additionally, if Flying ? Blocks are hit, they will vanish right away, instead of turning into a normal Block. Upon being hit, they usually provide heaps of Star Bits or rows of Coins. They are seen in several Galaxies such as the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy and the Clockwork Ruins Galaxy.

Super Mario 3D Land

Mario riding a Flying Block.

They later return in Super Mario 3D Land, acting as they do in the 2D Super Mario games, and are found in several levels. This game also introduces Flying Coin Blocks, which do not lose their wings until they are emptied. In certain levels such as World 3-5, it is required to ride on them to get a Star Medal that is out of reach.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

A Flying Block in the Mountains.

They appear again in New Super Mario Bros. 2. Now, they can appear as regular ? Blocks, and get wings to fly when are hit. They will fly forward in the level a bit before stopping and rising up in the sky. In certain levels, riding these kinds of Blocks can lead to secret areas. Hitting the block again while it is flying will provide a Coin, Power-Up, or a 1-Up Mushroom. Gold Flying Blocks can also appear on the world map every time 500 Coins are collected. They will follow Mario/Luigi on the World Map appearing in any level they select.

New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U/New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

The Mario Crew near several Flying Blocks.

These blocks also appear in New Super Mario Bros. U as well as New Super Luigi U, and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe with the same functions as in previous games. They house Power-Ups more commonly in these game than in previous games. Spikes are commonly seen riding on these in the level Spike's Spouting Sands. Coins and 1-Up Mushrooms can also be obtained from these blocks.

Super Mario Maker / Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS / Super Mario Maker 2

Mario near several Flying objects including a Flying Block.

Flying ? Blocks appear in Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS, and Super Mario Maker 2 if wings are applied to a ? Block. The player can still stand on this block and it will keep moving left, unlike the winged Hard Blocks. Thwomps, Bob-ombs, and Spiked Balls (from version 2.0 in Super Mario Maker 2) are some enemies that can trigger the block, but the big versions of these enemies will destroy the block instead of activating it.

Yoshi's Safari

Yoshi aiming at a Flying Block.

Flying ? Blocks reappear in Yoshi's Safari, and can be shot at with the Super Scope to drop items. They appear throughout courses or after defeating mini-bosses, and come in two colors: yellow and dark green. Yellow variants carry Coins, Super Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, Big Coins and even Starmans. Dark green variants appear after defeating mini-bosses and drop items used for boss battles such as Clocks, Nuts, Super Mushrooms and Starmans.

Mario Party 9

The Beta version of Growing Up.

A Flying Block in Growing Up.

In Mario Party 9, a Flying ? Block appears in Growing Up. Inside of it is a cylinder which displays the buttons the players must press to make their Vine grow, it rotates 10 times during the game.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

A Flying Block in the Dream World.

Flying ? Blocks make their only appearance in an RPG in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They appear in the background of several areas in the Dream World, and can be brought to the foreground by using the Sneeze Wind Luiginary Work, at which point they will become regular ? Blocks.