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[[Category:Power-ups in Super Mario Galaxy]]
[[Category:Power-ups in Super Mario Galaxy]]

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Flying Mario is one of the seven powers available for use in the popular Wii title Super Mario Galaxy.


As Flying Mario, Mario's shirt color remains the same but his hat and overalls turn into a black color while his buttons turn to a red color. His gloves also glow and leaves behind a red trial as he flies. When Luigi gets it he changes into a black hat and overalls an he keeps his green shirt, like Mario.


Flying Mario is also one of the most unique powers in the game as it can be only used in the Comet Observatory. Other than that, the only other area without hacking in which it can be used is in the second mission of the Gateway Galaxy. The Red Star, which transforms Mario into Flying Mario, is unlocked once the Red Power Star is obtained. Flying Mario does not appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2, however, it is still in the game's coding and can be used with hacks.


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