Flutters are the final form of Wigglers after transforming. They have a pair of wings and are friendly creatures.


Flutters are fully grown Wigglers. In the Nintendo 3DS game Paper Mario: Sticker Star, it is said that Wigglers grow into Flutters after they have eaten a lot of food. Flutters have large wings and has a flower on the top of their heads. They also lose nearly all of their legs in favor of two legs and two arms now with hands.


Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Flutters in this game only appear on one level. They will attack Yoshi once they get close enough to them. Yoshi can defeat them by either eating them or hurling eggs at them. In this game, they go under the name of Flutter Flies.

Mario Party series

Mario Party 5

In this game, Flutters only appear as capsules. They replace Magic Lamps from the previous Mario Party games taking any player directly to the Star. If a player places a Flutter capsule on a space, they would basically create another Star space.

Mario Party 6

Flutters appear in this game only as Flutter Orbs. Their purpose is exactly the same as in Mario Party 5.

Mario Party 7

Flutters once again appears as Orbs in Mario Party 7. A Flutter is also seen in the mini-game Spider Stomp where it is at the goal.

Mario Party 8

Flutters make several appearances in mini-games in this game. One is also seen racing in Moped Mayhem as an NPC.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

One Flutter makes an appearance in this game. Mario and Kersti needed a way to get to Bowser's Sky Castle from Gate Cliff so they decided to go back and see their Wiggler friend. Fortunately, the Wiggler is now a Flutter after eating the non-polluted leaves of his home. Flutter agrees to take Mario and Kersti up to Bowser's Castle not before getting ambushed by Bowser Jr. After that, Flutter will never appear back at his home and will only appear on the world map taking Mario from Gate Cliff to Bowser's Sky Castle.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Main article: Wiggler
Flutter makes its first Mario & Luigi appearance as Wiggler. After being exhausted fighting, it takes the form of a Flutter and goes to the skies along with the Paragoombas.


  • 'Flutter' is a word to describe flying lightly.
  • On several occasions Wiggler may become a Flutter directly and transform back, not going through a metamorphosis like real-world caterpillars do.