Flurrie's House is a location in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is the place of residence of Madame Flurrie.


Flurrie's House on the outside is yellow and pink in color. Inside, there are many elegant material including a fancy rug and chairs.


Flurrie's House is located at the very edge of Boggly Woods. As hinted by Flurrie herself, Flurrie moved out here to rest from her acting career. During the events of Chapter 2, Mario, Punio, and company head out here after the entrance to The Great Tree is blocked and need the assistance of Flurrie's powers. However, Flurrie won't come out of her bedroom during their visit after she lost her Necklace. After Mario and company defeated the Shadow Sirens and retrieve the Necklace from them, they head back to Flurrie's House where they give back her Necklace. An excited Flurrie exits her room and kisses Mario on the cheek (much to his displeasure). After Punio explains the situation to Flurrie, she agrees to help them out.

Later, after Chapter 2, Mario can revisit Flurrie's House to get the Super Appeal P badge and a Star Piece.


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