Flower Shower is a 4-player minigame that appears in Mario Party 5.


In this one, the characters are invited to a wedding that is hosted by a new Koopa couple. The wedding takes place in a courtyard behind a chapel, and contains its own pond. The female Koopa will then throw her bouquet in the air, and the petals will start falling out of the sky and onto the ground which officially starts the minigame. The objective of this mini-game is for the characters to collect as many flower petals as possible in thirty seconds. The pink flower petals are worth one point while the gold ones are worth three points. The characters can also jump on an opponent and stun them for a few seconds, leaving them helpless while in this state. The character that collects the most flower petals at the end of 30 seconds will win the mini-game.


  • Control Stick - Move