Flower Saver is a badge in the Paper Mario series. Wearing the badge allows Mario to use his attacks with one less point of FP.


Paper Mario

Flower saver badge.png

Mario can find two Flower Saver badges in Paper Mario. They can be found in Flower Fields, and the other is found by purchasing it from Merlow. Merlow will sell this badge to Mario if he is given twenty-five Star Pieces. Mario wears this badge by paying six BP.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario can obtain multiples of this badges as well. One Flower Saver can be found in a secret pass under a statue in Creepy Steeple, and the other is found by way of Dazzle who sells this item to Mario for ten Star Pieces. Crazee Dayzees have been known for having these badges equipped, so with Ms. Mowz in the party, Mario can steal these from Crazee Dayzees if necessary. In addition, in The Thousand-Year Door, Mario pays only 4 BP to wear this badge unlike Paper Mario's 6 points of BP to wear it.