Flower Fields is one of the many areas in nearby Toad Town, and one of the many areas Bowser attacks during the events of Paper Mario.


The only doorway to Flower Fields can be found in the center of Toad Town disguised as a wooden door. In order to get inside Mario has to obtain seeds from four bub creatures, known as Bub-ulbs hidden around the Mushroom Kingdom. When Mario arrives there, he must defend the Wise Wisterwood and the other plant life from Huff N. Puff as well as rescue Klevar.

The entire area is covered in fields of flowers as well as crumbling ruins that Mario must navigate to get to the individual plants that guide Mario along his quest. It is while searching for the Bowser's cloud machines, that Mario fights and later befriends Lakilester, a Lakitu that defects from Bowser's army.

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