Floro Cragniens are Cragniens that are controlled by King Croacus IV with the use of Floro Sprouts. They only appear in Super Paper Mario.


Floro Cragniens are exactly similar to regular Cragniens except with the noticeable green Floro Sprout on their heads. There are two types of Floro Cragniens: Ones with triangle faces and ones with round faces.


Floro Cragniens are only found in the Floro Caverns mainly doing work in the mines. It is later found out that King Croacus had brainwashed them because the Cragniens were polluting the Floro's waters with garbage and used Floro Sprouts to get them to clean them up. After King Croacus is defeated, the hero claims they defeated their king and demands them to dehypnotise the Cragniens, but the Floro Sapiens confirmed that they were polluting the water. Flint Cragley promises to make sure the Cragniens do not pollute the waters, pleasing the Floro clan.


Since they are being controlled by Floro Sprouts, Floro Cragniens are indeed defeatable enemies. However, it is not recommended since the player will lose one thousand points for every time they defeat a Floro Cragnien. It is possible to avoid damaging them.


  • Floro Cragniens are one of few enemies that causes point reduction when attacked or killed.
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