The Flipswitch Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The Galaxy has a set of Flip Switches which Mario must step on and a medium-sized Black Hole in the center. After all of them have been turned yellow, a Power Star appears. The background is a scene from Super Mario Bros.. A robot spawns out circle shaped lasers which can damage Mario. Some Flip Switches are also covered with moving spiked platforms that can hurt Mario.


Painting the Planet Yellow

Flipswitch Galaxy (Completed)

In this level, Mario needs to step on every blue Flipswitch so that they are all yellow at the same time. Due to the layout of the level, it is likely that Mario will need to step on certain Flipswitches more than once in the process to turn all of them yellow. There are also some spiked platforms Mario has to cross. After turning all the Flipswitches yellow, they will turn green and the Power Star will appear. Mario then has to use the spring-necked robot on the top of the planetoid to reach the Power Star.


Starting Planet

The Starting Planet of the Flipswitch Galaxy

The Starting Planet is the largest planet in the galaxy and the only accessible one, it is covered with 18 Flip Switches and several hazards like electrical barriers and spiked platforms. Mario needs to flip all Flip Switch Panels and will receive a Power Star.

Enemies Encountered

  • Electric Fence
  • Jump Beamer


  • This is the smallest galaxy encountered in Super Mario Galaxy.
  • From time to time, the background of the galaxy will change from level to level from the original Super Mario Bros..