Flipsville Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is the greater location of Flipsville. The galaxy is characterized by the abundance of red circular grates that Mario or Luigi can ground pound to flip the world's gravity, allowing them to stand on ceilings as well as floors. The entire galaxy is built to look like a series of houses. It contains three Power Stars. It has the Spin Drill as it's main power-up. It shares its theme with the Chompworks Galaxy, which coincidentally appears later in World 4.


Flip Flopping in Flipsville

This level is simple. You have navigate multiple planets to get to and fight Glamdozer. Once she goes down, the Power Star lands in the centre of the planet.

Flipsville's New Digs

In this mission, Flipsville has been flooded with dirt, but Drill Mario (obtained via the Spin Drill) can pierce the dirt. Mario has to make his way through the dirt-infested area to get to the dirt tower and then the underground gravity section to find five Silver Stars to form the Power Star

Purple Coin Spin Speed Run

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Green Star 3


Starting Planet

This planet is a cuboid planet that is based off a doll house. Pupdozers live here, and grates exist that can be used to go under the level or back over. In the second mission, the grates are filled with dirt and Drill Mario is required to get through their dirt-filled space. This still flips the gravity. Also, Mechakoopas appear.


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