The Flipside Pit of 100 Trials is a location that appears in Super Paper Mario. It is one of the two Pit of 100 Trials located in the game with the other being the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials.


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Rooms and Enemies

Room 1: The only enemy here are Squiglets. There are five of them in the room.

Room 2: The same as room 1, but there are Goombas instead.

Room 3: Also like Room 1, but now there are Squigs as well as Squiglets.

Room 4: It has 5 Boing-Oings in it.

Room 5: Very similar to Room 2, but there are Gloombas as well. There are also more enemies altogether.

Room 6: There are four Cherbils in here.

Room 7: Just like Room 3, but instead of Squiglets there are now Boing-Oings.

Room 8: Just Room 3 but with more Squiglets and Squigs.

Room 9: Two Poision Cherbils appear along with some Gloombas. 

Room 10: Contains a chest with a Tippi card in it. After grabbing the card, you can either leave through the pipe on the left, or keep going through the door on the right. Exiting the pipe resets your progress each time, meaning once you leave, you have to start back at Room 1 again. Each room ending in 0 (excluding 100) is like this, the only difference being the card. If you skip the card on any of the floors, it will stay there until you try it again and take it.

Room 11: There are two Koopa Troopas and two Koopa Paratroopas.

Room 12: There are many Spiked Goombas and Paragoombas.

Room 13: There are many Bald Clefts and three Shlurps.

Room 14: Similar to Room 2, but the Goombas can flip through dimensions. There are also two Koopa Troopas.

Room 15: There are Boomboxers and Shlurps.

Room 16: There are a few Koopa Troopas and Tileoid Gs.

Room 17: The only enemies here are Koopa Troopas that can flip through dimensions.

Room 18: There are Squigs and Buzzy Beetles.

Room 19: There are Koopatrols, Koopa Troopas, and Squiglets.

Room 20: The player is rewarded with a chest containing a Thoreau card and is faced with the option to leave the pit or keep going. At this point, Flimm may appear to sell items. This can happen on any other floor ending in 0 (excluding 100) and his appearance is seemingly random.

Room 21: The only enemies here are Spinies.

Room 22: There are a few Gloombas and a lot of Boos.

Room 23: There are Fuzzies and Cherbils.

Room 24: Similar to Room 4, but there are Sproing-Oings as well.

Room 25: The only enemies located here are Chain Chomps. This is one of their two appearances in the game (not counting any of its counterparts).

Room 26: The background changes. A few Paragoombas and Crazee Dayzees appear.

Room 27: Just like Room 1, except there are more Squiglets.

Room 28: There are some Hammer Bros. and Koopa Troopas on this floor.

Room 29: The only enemy type here is the Rawbus, the red recolor of the Jawbus.

Room 30: The player is rewarded with a chest containing a Boomer card. They are also faced with the option to keep going or leave. Flimm may possibly appear here.

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