The Flipside Arcade in Super Paper Mario is a secret place. This area is found in a hidden 3-D Warp Pipe in the bar below Flipside.


While inside of the Arcade, Mario can buy various rarities like HP Plusses, Power Plusses, and the Amazee Dayzee Catch Card. Mario can obtain these items through tokens. A number of these tokens appears on the top-left part of the screen, similar to that of the Rupee Total during chapter 2. Mario can get Flipside Tokens for the arcade by either purchasing them from the InterChet, the owner of the arcade, for coins. These tokens must be spent in order to partake in the minigames in the arcade.

There are initially three different minigames that Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Bowser can play. In order to play as one of these people, enter the arcade's minigame room as the character. Each of these games involves using the Wii Remote in some sort of way, whether it's tilting or aiming. A fourth minigame can be found if Mario finds the hidden card in Flopside's Bar.

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