Flipruses are a new type of Walrus found in some of the 2D Platformers. They tend to inhabit snow areas and toss Snowballs, Flipruses are pink and have yellow goggles and blue-and-white striped tails. They have powers similar to a Snow Spike and behave almost identically to them.


New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U/New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Mario stomps on a Fliprus.

Flipruses make their debut in New Super Mario Bros. U and later go on to appear in New Super Luigi U and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. In these games, they are rare enemies only appearing in Fliprus Lake , Fliprus Floes, and Hammerswing Hangout. They are commonly seen sitting on platforms or on flat ground and attack by tossing Snowballs at the heroes. The Snowballs can be disspiated by stomping on them, if the heroes jump over or slip under a Fliprus, it will turn around and toss Snowballs to their right instead. Despite their method of attack a Fliprus isn't very challenging to defeat and can easily be defeated with stomps or the effects of a Fire Flower or Starman. The effects of an Ice Flower or Penguin Suit can also freeze them and from there, they can be ground pound to finish them off.

Mario Party 10

The Players sliding underneath the Flipruses.

Like many enemies from New Super Mario Bros. U, Flipruses appear again in Mario Party 10. They are seen in the minigame Ice Slide, You Slide where they can be seen tossing Snowballs at the players which they have to jump over as they run the rink. When the players reach the Flipruses, they have to duck and slide underneath them as they hop. If a player hits a Fliprus or their Snowballs, they will be knocked back and recovering from the speed loss can be tough. Whoever reaches the end first is the winner.



  • Their name is a combination of the words "Flip" (as they flip when they toss their Snowballs) and "Walrus" (their species origin).
  • Flipruses could be related to the Walrusses from Super Princess Peach.
  • The sound the Flipruses make when they toss Snowballs is the same sound the Snow Spikes make when they toss Snowballs.