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Flipbugs (also called Flying Mandibugs) are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are insect-like enemies that tend to appear in bee-themed galaxies like the Honeyhive Galaxy. They are generally weak enemies, and flee at the sight of the player, although they will approach if the player is using a Bee Mushroom.


Physical description

Flipbugs are large brown insects with two orange wings. They have very large eyes and yellow mandibles, as well as two antennae. They are smaller than Mario.


Flipbugs will not attack the player; when they see him they will try to fly away, and can flip themselves over in panic. They can then be defeated by jumping on them or even walking into them. However, they will fly towards the player if they have a Bee Suit on, and will damage the player. However, after this, the Flipbug flees.

In Super Mario Galaxy =

Flipbugs appear in two galaxies: the Honeyhive Galaxy and the Gold Leaf Galaxy. They appear as normal enemies scattered throughout the levels, generally where Bee Mushrooms are found.

One particular Flipbug has a role in Honeyhive Galaxy's sixth mission: Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom. After the player rescues Luigi by knocking him off of a tree, he mentions that he climbed the tree to avoid the Flipbug nearby. He then rewards the player with a Power Star.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Flipbugs appear in three more galaxies in this game: Yoshi Star Galaxy, Puzzle Plank Galaxy, and Honeyhop Galaxy. They appear as normal enemies and do not have any significant roles.


Their name comes from the words "flip" and "bug", referring to how the player must flip them over to defeat them.