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Flaret MLSS.png LVL 39 HP 10 POW 95 DEF 160 (150) SPEED {{{spd}}}
EXP 0 COINS 0 Fire Heal Thunder Heal Jump Spiny
Hammer? Normal Hand? Normal Stun? 0% Burn? 0% Stat Down? 0%
Item drop Location(s)
•None – 0%
•None – 0%
Bowser's Castle
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Flarets are round fireballs that Bowletta uses to attack. They appear in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and the remake.


Bowletta uses Flarets to attack and recover 35 HP (99 HP in the remake) for herself.


Mario and Luigi must prepare to jump over Flarets despite them that might not aim at either of them. Flarets can be healed by Mario and Luigi's Fire and Thunder attacks. Mario and Luigi cannot jump on the Flarets.