Flaptacks are enemies found in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They can destroy Cloud Mario's clouds attached to them. They are easiest defeated when they have dived down in to the ground and gets dizzy by the fall. Jump or spin on them then and they will be defeated.


Flaptacks are big birds with a horn on their head and no legs. The upper part of their body and their wings are covered with a thick blue coating, while their underbelly is covered with fluffy yellow feathers. They attack by throwing themselves on the ground, trying to stab the enemy with their horn. They look to be related to Swaphoppers: they share the same color scheme and a similar shape, they both have a spike on their head and are vurnerable when they flip over.

Flaptacks are found in several open and windy galaxies such as the Fluffy Bluff and Cloudy Court Galaxy. They are also found in the Flash Black Galaxy.