The Flame Runner, also known as the Bowser Bike, is a heavy bike featured in Mario Kart Wii.


The Flame Runner is Bowser's themed bike, because the front of the bike greatly resembles his head.

Due to its high speed, drift, and mini-turbo stats, the Flame Runner is frequently used for Time Trials, often by Funky Kong.


The Flame Runner has good top speed, drifting, and mini-turbo stats, but mediocre handling and poor acceleration. It is extremely fast, but not as much so as the Spear, another heavyweight bike.


The Flame Runner has low acceleration, which means a longer recovery time if the player is hit by an item. Despite this, the Flame Runner was still a popular choice in online play.


Bowser and Dry Bowser use a Flame Runner for Bowser's Castle where Nin*Masa is raced and Bowser Castle 3 where Nin*A24 is raced.


  • This bike is used for the world record in many courses.
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