The Fishin' Lakitu is a Lakitu that first appeared in the game Super Mario World where he holds a life on his fishing rod. Once this 1up is collected he will speed up and throw Spiny Eggs. It is recommended not to collect his bait. In Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island he also appeared, where he tries to steal Baby Mario with his fishing rod. He also appears in the Mario Kart series where he holds thestarting lights and saves the players that fall when they are out of bounds.

The Fishin' Boo is Fishin' Lakitu's undead form, found in Super Mario World. He is found in a ghost house carrying blue fire. He also appears in Super Princess Peach where only rage can kill him. He was also planned to be in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Fishin' Lakitu also makes an appearance in Super Mario Odyssey, where he is seen fishing for cheep cheeps. He can be captured and used to fish. If a fish is caught, it will reward players with a heart or, if they catch the right fish, a power moon. He appears in multiple kingdoms and is not hostile.

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