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Fish Upon a Star
Fish Upon A Star is a 4-player minigame that appears in Mario Party 5.


The characters will be on a floating platform in the sky. Before the minigame starts, a set of Cheep-Cheep will jump out of the air and attack the platform, causing it to form a star shape. As the minigame begins, various Cheep Cheeps that appear in different sizes and colors will start to attack the star-shaped island. This will cause small gaps to form in the island, which requires the characters to avoid them. The objective of the minigame is for the player to knock down all the opposing characters off the star-shaped platform. They can knock another character off by attacking them using jumps, kicks, and punches. If a character is forced off the edge or falls into one of the holes in the island, then they will be eliminated from the minigame. There will be a Klepto and Shy Guy in a blimp revolving around the island while it is being bombarded by the Cheep Cheeps. However, they do not effect the mini-game in anyway. The last character remaining will win the mini-game.


  • Fish Upon A Star is a pun from the popular child phrase, "Wish Upon A Star".
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