Fish Sticks is a 4-player minigame from Mario Party 5.


The game starts out on a pier surrounded by a large body of water where boats and yachts are situated on the outside of the pier. In the center of the pier is a pond of water with fishing poles that are dipped into the water. The objective of the game is to pull the pole out of the water with a Cheep-Cheep attached to it. Red Cheep-Cheeps are worth one point, while gold Cheep-Cheeps are worth three points.

It is possible to tell if there is a Cheep-Cheep attached to the line if the player stands next to the pole, for the pole with vibrate, causing the controller to vibrate.

The mini-game runs for thirty seconds, and the character that has the most Cheep-Cheeps at the end wins.


  • GCN Stick - Move
  • GCN A - Reel in
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