The Fish Bone (or Fishbone or Wet Bones) is an undead variation of a Cheep-Cheep, similar to the relationship between a Koopa Troopa and Dry Bones. They reveal that living Cheep-Cheeps actually have large teeth and a singular rib cage. One of their unique characteristics is their hollow, glowing yellow eye sockets that shine in the dark. They seem to be ruled by a skeletal shark known as Kingfin.

Appearance and Behaviour

Unlike Cheep-Cheeps, Fishbones will purposely go after the player and attack them. Once the player is within their view, their eyes turn red as a sign that they have locked onto you.


Super Mario Galaxy

In Super Mario Galaxy, they will explode upon impact. In its other appearances the Fishbone will simply continue going the path they started even after the player has gone out of the way until the get destroyed by crashing into another object, such as a wall. Otherwise the only other way for a Fishbone to be destroyed is to be attacked with a spin attack from Cape Mario/Cape Luigi or Raccoon Mario.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Fishbones only appear in the level Jungle Rapids where they charge and bite on Mario's raft attempting to break off a piece. Mario has to hammer them away in order to get rid of them. Note that Fishbones is the only enemy in this game where Mario can physically attack but doesn't get into a battle with them.

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