Fireplace Race is an unlockable Co-op minigame in Super Mario Party.


Five Swoopers on the ceiling swoop down and spook four players with torches. The players goes to the fireplace and light up their torches.


Four players must work together to light up thirty candles before one minute passes. Players must go close to the bland candles to light them up. If the player and Swooper comes in contact, the Swooper will lift the player up and move them back to their place. The team wins if they manage to light up all candles thus the room lights up. The team loses if they do not light all candles thus the candles are put out.


  • The players does their victory animation. The Swoopers are no longer around the place and the whole place is lit.
  • The players does their losing animation. The Swoopers still hang around


  • Control Stick – Move

In-game description

  • "Light all the candles!"
  • "If the Swoop catches you, it'll take you back to the fireplace!"
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