This article is about move in the Mario & Luigi series. You may be looking for the power-up, Fire Flower.

The Fire Flower (ブラザーフラワー Brother Flower?) is a move in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.


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In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Fire Flowers are used in the Luiginary Attack move Luiginary Flame. It is also used in the Bros. Attack of the same name that is part of Luigi's moves. With this move, both bros throw fireballs at enemies, damaging them all. Press A Button and B Button to charge the fireball to the maximum size and damage and throw it. After enough successful fireballs are thrown, Mario and Luigi can throw as fast as you hit A Button and B Button.

The greater the amount of fireballs thrown, the better the ranking the player receives in the aftermath of the attack, ranging from "OK!" to "Excellent!" ratings, and if you get "Excellent!", then you can rapidly throw fireballs. The damage dealt from this attack is given a Fire attribute, and thus deals critical damage to Caccacs and Beehoss.

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