This article is about the Bros. Attack in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. For information about the fire spitting Hammer Bro., see Fire Bro.

One fireball is just created by Mario and the other is heading to the enemy.

Fire Bros. is a Bros. Attack used by Mario (mainly) and Luigi in the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. The attack costs six BP in Modes 1 and 2, and three BP in Mode 3. Mario learns the move. This attack has Mario standing in front of Luigi, pressing the GBA A at the correct intervals to charge up his Fireballs. Once a certain time has elapsed, Mario will fling the Fireballs he has made at Luigi (how many depends on how many times the GBA A was pressed successfully). At just the right time, the GBA B must be pressed to make Luigi hammer the fireballs into the designated enemy.

M&L-SS+BM Mario - Luigi Fire Bros. Attack

Mario & Luigi using the Fire Bros. attack on Cackletta's Soul in the 3DS remake.

Once the brothers have executed the attack successfully twenty-eight times, the Advanced commands are learned. In the Advanced version, Mario stores the fireballs into a large fireball to throw at the enemy. The commands are the same except that when Luigi hits the fireballs back, the player should immediately press GBA A to store the fireballs above his head. When all the fireballs have melded into a large fireball, Mario will jump on Luigi and jump up to it. Press GBA A again to hit the fireball toward the enemy. This attack has a small chance of inflicting the Burn status on enemies.

In the remake, this attack is changed a bit. In the normal attack, instead of charging up fireballs, Mario will throw one fireball and the player must press the GBA A button quickly. When the fireball is big enough, press the GBA B button when it's close to Luigi to hammer it, sending small fireballs raining down on random enemies. In the Advanced/Super version, Mario yet again charges up a big fireball that falls on Luigi. When it's close enough to him, press GBA B for Luigi to punch the large fireball into the air. When Mario is high enough in the air after jumping on Luigi, press GBA A once to kick the fireball down on an enemy. A shockwave will come from the attack when it lands, damaging other enemies on the ground.

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