Fire Bars (also spelled as Fire-Bars or Firebars and sometimes known as Podoboo Cogs) are a type of obstacle that has a bar of fire that emits from a block. The bar then rotates around the block and will harm Mario if touched.


Super Mario Bros.

The Firebars always appear in the Castle levels of this game. There are usually short ones and longer ones and Firebars mostly appear near other hazards such as bottomless pits and near enemies such as Podoboos. Mario cannot defeat them by any means and must avoid them.

Super Mario 64

Firebars are only seen in Lethal Lava Land in this game. Their purpose is exactly the same as in Super Mario Bros. except they spin around in circles on the ground.

Paper Mario

Firebars appear only in Koopa Bros. Fortress and Mt. Lavalava. This is the first game where Firebars can be defeated and Mario can only defeat them by jumping over them many times. Note that the Firebars spin faster and faster after each jump and after the last jump, they burst apart into many coins.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Firebars only appear in the Palace of Shadow in this game for Mario. Mario can jump over them to avoid them. They also appear in the Castle level of Bowser's last level where he must avoid them. Due to his large size, it can be pretty hard to avoid them without taking damage.

Super Paper Mario

Firebars only appear in Yold Ruins and The Crash. Mario can flip into 3-D to avoid them.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Introduced as a new item as a sword. The more the player uses it on an opponent, the smaller the firebar gets.