Fires are enemies that appear in the Mario series. They have been around since the first game, Donkey Kong.


Donkey Kong (video game)

DK Arcade Fireball Sprite.png

In levels 25m and 50m, Fires emerge from the Oil Drums and then chase after Mario, although they have short attention spans. In the former level, they only emerge when the Oil Drum is hit by a blue barrel. Fires can climb ladders, no matter if they are broken or fixed, but cannot reverse directions during the climb. They cannot fall from ledges or cross gaps. Eventually, they migrate to the top of the level. If Mario jumps over a Fire, he receives points, but the only way to destroy them is with a hammer. Picking up a hammer causes the Fires to turn blue. In 75m, two Fires patrol a set of platforms.

Donkey Kong 64

Fires in this game are only seen in the Donkey Kong arcade machine in Frantic Factory. They retain their roles from the previous arcade game.