"If you waddle too fast, you might fall down! When you start to slide, it's time to slow down."
― Advice

Filet Relay is a mini-game that appears in Mario Party 2.


During Filet Relay, the characters will be dressed as penguins, and they must travel through a slippery path. The slippery path will be full of obstacles, winding turns, and Mr. Blizzards that toss snowballs. The course is split into three different parts. The team of three will have one character running through each section of the course, while the lone character will have to run through the whole course by themselves. The first section of the course has a giant glacier in the center of it, in which the characters must centure around. The second part of the course has a narrow opening in the cliff that forms a zigzag formation. The last part of the course consists of small hills and giant Mr. Blizzards throwing snowballs. If a character is hit by one of the snowballs, then they will be knocked down. The objective of the minigame is to venture through the icy course and get the fish to the igloo at the end of the course. The player can move his or her penguin by pressing A Button (Nintendo 64) repeatedly. The more they press the A Button (Nintendo 64) button, the faster the penguin will travel. If the character travels too fast, he or she will slip and fall and lose time.

The character or team that reaches the finish line first wins the mini-game.


  • N64 Stick (N64 Stick left and N64 Stick right) - Move
  • N64 A - (Repeatedly) Run
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