Fice T. is the Toad that guards the gate to Forever Forest in Toad Town in Paper Mario.


Fice T. often tries to describe himself as a brave Toad, but he has a major fear of ghosts (mainly Boos). Whenever he sees a ghost, he shivers in fear.


In Chapter 3 he asks Mario to help him, he is seeing a ghost everywhere and it has just gone into the Forever Forest. The ghost turns out to be Bootler, Lady Bow's butler. After beating Tubba Blubba, Bootler sends Fice T. a letter saying that he will scare him.

If Mario talks to Fice T. with Lady Bow, he will get scared, start shaking, and tell Mario that there is a ghost behind him.


  • His name is a pun of the word "feisty" which, ironically, is the complete opposite of his personality.