Feeling Fine is a badge in the Paper Mario series. The badge prevents Mario from suffering status ailments such as poison or dizziness.


Paper Mario

Feeling fine badge.png

In Paper Mario, Feeling Fine is found in Shooting Star Summit. It is one of the many badges that Merlow sells to Mario for Star Pieces. Merlow prices this badge for 5 Star Pieces. This badge is very helpful during chapter 5 as there are a variety of enemies that can poison Mario. Hammer Bros. in the final chapter can also shrink Mario, which this badge will help prevent. This badge is actually glitched to provide extra protection from almost every status ailment in the game. This badge has a BP cost of 3 to wear in this game.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario can find this badge by using the Cog item he finds in the X-Naut Fortress on the Moon. In this fortress, Mario uses the cog to fix a crane that will grab this item, Feeling Fine P, a Star Piece, and some coins. This badge now sports a BP cost of four and features the same effects as its Paper Mario counterpart.