Feeding Friendsy is a Free-for-All minigame in Super Mario Party.


Two Cheep Chomp mechs open their mouth. Players throw their balls into the Cheep Chomp mech's mouth.


Players' objective is to earn the most points by shooting balls into the Cheep Chomp mechs' mouth. Players earns no points if they shoot it in the Cheep Chomp mech' mouth is closed. Players earn a point when the Cheep Chomp mech' mouth is open. Players earn three points if the Cheep Chomp mech's mouth is bright with an arch rainbow along with two Cheep Cheep mechs around the Cheep Chomp mech. The Cheep Chomp mechs' mouth opens randomly.


The players stop throwing balls and face towards the screen. The winners does their victory animation while other players does their losing animation.


  • Wave Joy-Con Icon while pressing NS L Button/NS R Button – Swing softly to throw low, swing hard to throw high

In-game description

  • "Throw the balls into the open mouths!"
  • "Making a shot when the mouth is glowing is worth extra!"


The name of this minigame is a pun on the term "Feeding frenzy".

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