"We are the Fearsome 5! When we arrive, it's live at 5! We always stick together! Even when we're being bad..."
― Yellow Yoshi Kid of the Fearsome 5.

The Fearsome 5 are a group of baby Yoshis (known as Yoshi Kids) that appear in the game Paper Mario. Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and Yellow are their corresponding colors. All of the group live on Lavalava Island.


The Fearsome 5 live peacefully on Lavalava Island where they were mainly watched by Sushie. However, they play a prank on her which leads to her stuck in a tree while they go hide-and-seek in the forest. However, all of the members of the Fearsome 5 became lost and were eventually found by Mario and Sushie. All of the Yoshis promise to not to do that again and they remain with the other adult Yoshis. The Fearsome 5 also appear during the ending parade where each of them eat parts of Huff N. Puff and Gourmet Guy's silverware.


The locations where the Fearsome 5 Yoshis can be found are listed here:

  • Red Yoshi: This Yoshi Kid can be found in an area behind some bushes. The Yoshi says that he was scared by the monsters nearby.
  • Yellow Yoshi: This Yoshi Kid can be found being scared by two Putrid Piranhas. The Yoshi will go back home after they are defeated.
  • Green Yoshi: This Yoshi Kid can be found in an underground cavern in a Warp Pipe. Mario must use Watt's ability to get it brighter and rescue the Yoshi.
  • Blue Yoshi: This Yoshi Kid can be found across a bridge near a tree stump.
  • Purple Yoshi: This Yoshi Kid can be found sleeping in a tree. The text bubble showing "Z's" will appear if Mario is near. This Yoshi Kid was actually the one that was supposed to seek the others but got tired.

When all of the members of The Fearsome Five are found, a special theme is played and Mario pulls a thumbs up at the player.